Duty without Attachment

Apr 16 , 2017

Lord Krishna tells Arjun in the Geeta – Fight the battle but keep your mind attached to me simultaneously. (8.7) Readers of the scripture wonder how it is possible to live in the world and at the same time remain mentally attached to God constantly. To get the answer to this very important questio More

Role of a Temple

Apr 14 , 2017

The importance of a temple and the role it plays in our life. More

Make the most of every moment

Aug 16 , 2016

Of the 8.4 million life forms, human form is the rarest. God graces us with the human body after countless births in other life forms, so says the Mahabharat. This is why we need to understand the true value of human life. More

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Cross the ocean

May 19, 2017

There is an ocean that needs to be crossed. No; not the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Southern or Arctic Ocean. It's the Ocean of Maya. You may ask, "Which ocean is this?" It is the unlimited ocean of our material entanglements. In this ocean there are ferocious creatures that prevent us from getting to the other side. These are our worldly attachments. On the other side of the ocean is the ki .....