JKP Conducts Self Defense Training Program for 6000 Girls

Sep 18 , 2016

Bhakti Dham, Mangarh: In today’s society, empowering women means empowering them not only with education but also with the skills that make them capable of facing any physical challenges. Women need to be prepared to defend themselves from any kind of physical harm and the more skills More

How to increase your love for God

Aug 19 , 2016

When do we develop love for any object or person of this world? We develop love for something or someone when our intellect decides that there is happiness in it, when we believe that possessing that object or person will give us happiness. The more ‘chintan’ (repeated thinking) we do that there is More

How to be a true aspirant

Aug 05 , 2016

Guidelines on how to be a true aspirant More

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It is only a mirage

February 17, 2017

A thirsty animal crossing the desert detects water in the distance and excitedly rushes towards it only to find out that it was a mirage. We too rush towards the mall, movie, casino, party and the restaurant for happiness. In the end we find that it was only a mirage and that we have received only temporary pleasures. After some time we are back to square one, searching for happiness all over a .....