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Aug 31 - Sept 01

4th Anniversary Mela

The goal of Yugal Kunj, our ashram in Atlanta, is to inspire selfless devotion to God as taught by the timeless Vedas and Vedic Scriptures, thereby helping community members of all ages lead a happy, healthy and spiritual life. Please join us to celebrate its 4th anniversary!

Sep 13 - Sep 15

Retreat in Banff, Canada

Nature is another name for God. Come and enjoy a devotional retreat amidst the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The destination retreat is guided by Didi Ji. Keertans, bhajans, and lectures are combined with sightseeing in Didi Ji's company.

Dec 25 - Jan 1

Winter Family Retreat

Every year from Christmas to New Year, Didi Ji holds a family retreat at Yugal Kunj. This week-long retreat is a perfect getaway for the entire family to celebrate their vacation together with like-minded friends and family in a devotional atmosphere. The retreat schedule is always arranged by Didi Ji in such a way that everybody comes back rejuvenated by all the devotion, seva, and fun that they have during this time.

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Articles where Shri Maharaj Ji reveals the true philosophy of the Vedic scriptures.

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Spiritual nuggets from the "Words of Wisdom" that are written by Didi Ji and sent out every Friday.

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Inspirational Messages

A Live Speech from the 2019 Sadhana Shivir by our Didi Ji.

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We have already published a list of all retreats that will be organized by RMS in 2020. Please review this list and make your plans now!

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Devotional Retreats

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Kripalu Panchamrit
Toronto Retreat 2019

Aug 20, 2019

Didi Ji recently conducted the annual family retreat in Toronto. Every year, this retreat is held over the first weekend in August. The retreat was held at the serene and lush green site of Regina Mundi. It was attended by around 150 participants of all ages...

Memorial Day Retreat 2019
Memorial Day Retreat

Jul 08, 2019

Didi Ji guides several retreats all over the US and Canada during the year. There have been two that have already been held this year at 'Shyama Shyam Dham' in Milwaukee (March 2019) and 'Shyama Sadan' in Ohio (May 2019 during the Memorial Day weekend). Three others are being planned...

Balanced Life
Live A Balanced Life

Jun 13, 2019

Save time in the same way as you save money. Do not misuse the precious moments of human life. Make good use of it. And any misuse, if it does occur, should be minimum. At least spare as much time for the soul as you do for the body. Let’s divide your time 50-50. If you get six hours of sleep, you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers with Didi Ji

  • Love is not to be confused with attachment of the mind. In the world, we form attachments wherever we experience, or even suspect fulfillment of self-interest. This attachment is erroneously known as love, and it is selfish by nature. True love is never selfish; it is absolutely selfless. A gopi loves Shri Krishna. As she fans her Lord, tears of happiness stream out of her eyes. Now the gopi must wipe her tears, so she curses her own happiness since it has caused an interruption in serving her beloved. Such is the nature of true love.

  • God and Guru do not look at our past; they only look at our present. So, if you seriously feel remorse for past mistakes and genuinely resolve to no longer committing them you will move forward and ultimately forget about them. Do not allow them to paralyze you so that you are not able to move away from them. It’s not helpful to beat yourself up about them either. You will only feel discouraged. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

  • We do have a body, and as long as the body remains, we will experience pain and pleasure. The more you realize yourself to be the soul, the more you will disassociate yourself from matters pertaining to the body. However, even an elevated spiritual person experiences physical discomfort and pain, and has to deal with such matters. His attitude towards physical matters, however, changes drastically.

Words of Wisdom

Gather Courage

Sep 13, 2019

You may be an adult being told by parents that you will not amount to anything and that you will not be able to survive on your own. You may be a woman being told by your spouse that you will never learn to drive on the highway or handle the banking. You may be a man who has always been told that you cannot cook to save your life. You may be an employee who is being told that you will not be.....

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