Shri Tungavidhya Sakhi

Jun 18 , 2018

The Ashta Maha Sakhis of Shri Radha Krishna, Shri Tungavidhya Sakhi More

Happy Fathers Day

Jun 17 , 2018

Happy Fathers Day!!! More

JKP Presidents Father;s Day Special Message

Jun 16 , 2018

Special Message on Father's Day From JKP Presidents More

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Honor Thy Father

June 15, 2018

His little girl sees in him a knight in shining armor; full of valor and charisma. His little boy looks upon him as being mightier than Superman and Spiderman put together; someone who can move mountains and slay dragons. To his wife he is a good man who takes care of his family, creating a strong role model for his kids and providing a safe and secure environment for them. He is a father. .....