Memorial Day Retreat

Jul 08 , 2019

Siddheshvari Devi Ji holds several retreats all over the US and Canada during the year. There have been two that have already been held this year at 'Shyama Shyam Dham' in Milwaukee (March 2019) and 'Shyama Sadan' in Ohio (May 2019 during the Memorial Day weekend). Three others are being planned More

Live A Balanced Life

Jun 13 , 2019

Save time in the same way as you save money.  Do not misuse the precious moments of human life. Make good use of it.  And any misuse, if it does occur, should be minimum. At least spare as much time for the soul as you do for the body. Let’s divide your time 50-50. If you get six hours of sleep, you More

Kripalu Panchamrit

May 22 , 2019

When devotees asked Shri Maharaj Ji to tell them what he had presented at the grand spiritual conference held in Kanpur in 1955, he wrote Kripalu Panchamrit. The following five most essential points encapsulate the entire philosophy of Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj More

Wisdom Words

Words of Wisdom

Control Your Thoughts

August 16, 2019

Your mind is something which keeps generating desires and thoughts. Think of it as a factory which is always in production. It is always busy, thinking and desiring something or the other. An average person thinks 60,000 thoughts per day. The question arises: Do we have control over the thoughts which enter the mind, or are we completely helpless in this regard? Happily, one of the bes .....


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