JKP Presidents Holi Special Message

Mar 21 , 2019

A special Holi message from the JKP Presidents. More

Happy HOLI Bhakti Dham Mangarh

Mar 21 , 2019

Wow, what an amazing Holi morning as thousands of Sadhaks are in Bhakti Dham to celebrate Holi this morning. Our Shri Gurudev always taught us that the meaning of this day is the realization that God resides within each and every soul! Knowing this divine truth, we must see Hari Guru within everyone More

Bhakti Mandir Holi Celebrations!

Mar 20 , 2019

Joyous celebrations took place in anticipation of Holi! All Sadhaks were in Bhakti Dham as flower petals were showered on Hari Guru and then on devotees. The seemingly endless flower petals felt like Shri Radha Rani Herself was showering Her Grace on us. We are reminded to see Her in every soul, to More

Wisdom Words

Words of Wisdom

Use Words to Inspire

March 15, 2019

Words are a very powerful tool. They can inspire or discourage. They can make the listener smile or frown. Words can unite nations or push them to war. You can use words to inspire someone to live or to put an end to his life. So, choose your words carefully. .....


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