Kripalu Trayodashi

May 12 , 2019

In these thirteen verses Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has disclosed the essence of all Vedic scriptures in a sequence which reveals how to attain the ultimate aim of life. More

JKP Presidents Ram Navami Special Message

Apr 14 , 2019

A special message from our JKP presidents. More

Ram Navami Celebrations Part 2

Apr 13 , 2019

Grand celebrations have taken place in Rangeeli Mahal and Kirti Mandir, Barsana in honor of the Divine Appearance Day of Shri Ram Ji. Ram Navami was celebrated in the Sadhana Hall of Rangeeli Mahal at 10:30am where the Abhishek and Aarti took place of Shri Ram Ji. At exactly 12noon, the time of His More

Wisdom Words

Words of Wisdom

Keep Your Word

May 10, 2019

Recently my laptop needed repairs and when I went to pick it up I found that I was about six dollars short of the required payment. When I told the repairman that he would have the money by evening time, he got a look of disbelief in his eyes and asked with suspicion, “Promise?” Taken aback, I said, ‘of course.’ Later I sent someone with the money, and the repairman was shocked. He said that no .....


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