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Softcover, 119 pages
USD $10.00
Words of Wisdom, Vol 1
A collection of "Words of Wisdom" articles sent out by Didi Ji every Friday.
Language: English

Wisdom cannot be acquired by reading books. It is not taught in schools or colleges. Wisdom can only be gifted. This book is a humble attempt to present morsels of knowledge and wisdom lovingly fed to me by my Divine Master. The book is divided into four categories – Attitudes and Behavior, Spirituality, Family and Community, and Poetry.
- Didi Ji

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Hardcover, 340 pages
USD $20.00
Prem Ras Siddhant
Philosophy in English
Language: English
An English translation of "Prem Ras Siddhant" by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. This book explains all the aspects of devotion which a devotee needs to know on the path to God realization.
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Hardcover, 268 pages
USD $15.00
Prem Ras Siddhant
Philosophy in Hindi
Language: Hindi
Divided into 16 chapters, this scripture explains the Ultimate Aim of the Individual Soul, sheds light on the importance of attaining Divine Grace, and the indispensability of surrendering to a Saint. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj takes the confusion out of Hindu scriptures and gives lucid explanations of the Vedas, Purans, Geeta, Ramayan and other texts. Each chapter leads to the next and all are arranged in a logical sequence, taking the reader from the theoretical aspects of spirituality to practical aspects of devotion. A must for every aspirant.
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