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Radha Madhav Society May 25, 2018
Words of Wisdom
Accumulate Spiritual Property      


Yagyavalkya was a very pious man with two wives; Maitreyi and Katyayini.  As he grew older Yagyavalkya wished to retire to the jungle to meditate on God.  He told his wives to divide his property between them.  Katyayini remained quiet, but the wise Maitreyi asked, "Dear husband!  What are you giving away?  What is it that you possess?  If you give me even the entire world, will I become happy?"  Yagyavalkya said, "There is no peace or happiness to be found in the world."  Maitreyi answered, "In that case, give all your material property to Katyayani, and give me my share of the spiritual property for which you are renouncing the material world."  Yagyavalkya said, "I am willing to give you the entire divine property I have, because it cannot be divided."  Yagyavalkya then imparted the knowledge of the soul and God to Maitreyi.
What is it that you are trying to accumulate?  Are you laboring hard to gain worldly goods, or are you working diligently to accumulate spiritual property?  To find the answer, look at what keeps you busy in life.  Look at how much time you devote to which sort of activity.  What kind of thoughts keep you busy during the day?  What do you like thinking about?  What are you reading?  What are you watching on television?  How much time do you spend in quiet reflection? 
To be meaningful our life must be guided by a great purpose, and that purpose must lead us towards the accumulation of spiritual property which will remain with us lifetime after lifetime.


Didi Ji


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pavan, hyderabad, 5/15/2014
Respected Didi Ji i feel fortunate to read your words of wisdom.

Vidya Singh, Trinidad and Tobago, 4/30/2014
Was privileged to listen to your lecture at the Caratal Mandir, it was so enlightening and interesting. Sorry I could not have gone to listen to other lectures while you were in Trinidad but definitely next time you are here.