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Oct 25 - Nov 30

Devotional Retreat

Please join us at Yugal Kunj for a 5 - week devotional retreat being led by Siddheshvari Devi Ji.

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Articles where Shri Maharaj Ji reveals the true philosophy of the Vedic scriptures.

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Spiritual nuggets from the "Words of Wisdom" that are written by Didi Ji and sent out every Friday.

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A new video by Didi Ji explaining the importance of Temples.

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We have already published a list of all retreats that will be organized by RMS in 2021. Please review this list and make your plans now!

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Devotional Retreats

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Life Story of Shri Maharaji in His own words
Life Story of Shri Maharaji in His own words

Apr 19, 2020

The first spiritual conference I organized was in Chitrakoot. No conference of the kind had ever been organized before, and it lasted 16 days. Many arguments took place during it. Eventually I had to speak on the stage. There was a speaker by the name Pathik Ji Maharaj; he challenged me. I had ........

Winter Retreat Blog
Winter Retreat Blog

Feb 12, 2020

Yugal Kunj celebrated its yearly winter family retreat with much anticipation and enthusiasm. Devotees from all over enjoyed the daily activities led by Sushri Siddheshvari Didiji. The week had three different schedules for teens, kids and adults focusing on different aspects for each age group. ........

Karuna Sagar
Karuna Sagar

Dec 13, 2019

God is ‘Karuna Sagar.’ He is the unlimited ocean of mercy and compassion. Saint Tulsidas writes in Vinay Patrika that Bhagvan Shri Ram is compassionate to one and all. Gaurang Mahaprabhu says – O Krishna! There are only three ways in which You will behave towards me. You will give me a loving em........

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Questions and Answers with Didi Ji

  • Love is not to be confused with attachment of the mind. In the world, we form attachments wherever we experience, or even suspect fulfillment of self-interest. This attachment is erroneously known as love, and it is selfish by nature. True love is never selfish; it is absolutely selfless. A gopi loves Shri Krishna. As she fans her Lord, tears of happiness stream out of her eyes. Now the gopi must wipe her tears, so she curses her own happiness since it has caused an interruption in serving her beloved. Such is the nature of true love.

  • God and Guru do not look at our past; they only look at our present. So, if you seriously feel remorse for past mistakes and genuinely resolve to no longer committing them you will move forward and ultimately forget about them. Do not allow them to paralyze you so that you are not able to move away from them. It’s not helpful to beat yourself up about them either. You will only feel discouraged. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

  • We do have a body, and as long as the body remains, we will experience pain and pleasure. The more you realize yourself to be the soul, the more you will disassociate yourself from matters pertaining to the body. However, even an elevated spiritual person experiences physical discomfort and pain, and has to deal with such matters. His attitude towards physical matters, however, changes drastically.

Words of Wisdom

An Ending Leads to a New Beginning

Nov 27, 2020

We hear and use the expression, “Everything good must come to an end one day.” We speak these words with a regretful sigh. We lament the passing of something good that we had in life. It’s true that everything good comes to an end one day. It’s also true that everything bad comes to an end one day. If a marriage comes to an end, the abuse, fights and arguments between two people also come to an en.....

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