Singapore 2018 Part 3

Published: Jul 06, 2018

It has been another special time in Singapore. Yesterday late afternoon (05.07.18), devotees took JKP Presidents for a special boat ride. There, the Presidents led a special “Hari Bol” sankirtan as the boat took a round of the marina. Our Shri Gurudev always reminded us that no matter where you are in the world, one can practice devotion easily by chanting the name of God and at the same time realizing His Presence within His Divine Names.
Today, early morning, devotees joined together in Aarti and Sadhana. Afterwards, the sadhaks of Singapore performed a heart warming leela of Shri Radha Krishna. A special devotional pad was sung by a 4 year old sadhak as well. The leela and pad were by Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj and helps any aspiring devotee to practice their devotion easily. There was also a special devotional song dedicated to Hari Guru by some of the male satsangees in Singapore.
Everyone then went to Marina Cove where a picnic was held. Once again, the Presidents led the beautiful sankirtan. It has been an extremely wonderful day today and we are unable to describe the joy that has been brought to this beautiful city.