Singapore 2018 Part 4

Published: Jul 07, 2018

With heavy hearts, the sadhaks of Singapore bid farewell to the Presidents of JKP as they entered the airport gates to return back to India. The Presidents reminded everyone to perform daily Sadhana in order to keep purifying the mind to attain the ultimate goal of human life. They said, “Just like one eats food, sleeps, works regularly everyday etc - one should keep the same time daily for their spiritual practice. It is of utmost importance to do this.”
The Presidents visited the homes of many devotees during their visit and during the morning of the 7th, they did the same. Yesterday, they also visited Radha Kunj, where a special sankirtan session took place. A sadhak, who has known Shri Maharaj Ji for over 65 years also came to meet the Presidents and it was a happy moment as they shared special memories of Shri Gurudev.
We were all so inspired to see how the name of Shri Radha Rani is being spread across the world. No matter where the Presidents went in Singapore, they encouraged God’s names to be chanted leading to thoughts of Hari Guru within everyone’s mind!