Delusive Hope of Happiness

Published: Feb 25, 2014

Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj

A major delusion regarding material pleasures is that everyone feels that their present possessions are not sufficient to make them happy. They feel that they will definitely attain happiness if they reach the next higher class. A person who is a millionaire thinks that if he could only become a billionaire, then everything would be perfect. However, this is mere deception. Let us suppose that a Prime Minister was touring his country and his car happened to break down in a village. He left his limousine by the roadside and went home in another car. A poor villager saw the limousine and was very impressed by its shape, sparkle, luxurious seats, radio and so on. He thought to himself, "If I could sit in this car even for a second, how much pleasure I would get!" It so happened that the villager fell into debt and went to Delhi to stay with his relative, who was a driver. He too learned driving and happened to get employed as the chauffeur of the Prime Minister. Now, the simple villager sat with the Prime Minister of the country, in the very car he had longed to sit in for just a few seconds! He was overjoyed in the beginning, but after only a few days of working long hours, he came home and told his wife, "My duty is only for six hours, but I am made to work for eight hours. This is a dog's life. It is better to be a beggar than a driver." Now the very sight of the car disgusts him. What happened to the pleasure he imagined he would get from the car? This is the experience of each and every person. Before an object is acquired, one experiences pleasure in the delusive hope of attaining happiness in the future if that object is acquired. But the moment we acquire it, the experience is quite the opposite. Instead of happiness, one begins to experience sorrow. Therefore, one should abandon this foolish expectation of attaining a higher level of happiness upon acquiring better material objects.

By Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
An excerpt from 'Prem Rasa Siddhanta' (4th Edition, March 2009),
Chapter - 5, The Soul, Material World and Detachment, Page no. 79