Kirti Mandir Opening Celebrations - Kalash Yatra

Published: Feb 07, 2019

Early this morning, thousands of Sadhaks gathered in the holy land of Prem Sarovar. When our beloved Shri Radha Krishna were on this earth, many of their lovely leelas took place in Prem Sarovar,

There, the Presidents of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat poured the divine water of the Ganges, Yamuna etc into one large pot. All Sadhaks carried this merged holy water within their individual pots. Then placing them on their heads, everyone walked from Prem Sarovar upto the gates of Kirti Mandir. A lot of emotions were felt as Sadhaks then entered the gates and walked to the front of the temple. The JKP Presidents washed the ground of the temple themselves and then everyone followed. The whole temple was cleaned with this holy water today awaiting the grand opening happening in 3 days!

We cannot express the emotions as we watched the joy and the love of everyone for our Hari Guru. Today we miss Him so so much!