Kirti Mandir Opening Celebrations - Ceremony

Published: Feb 09, 2019

Early this morning, Sadhaks brought Shri Gurudev to the Ras Leela hall to honor Him on the opening of Kirti Mandir. It is with His Divine Grace that this great temple has been built! The palki was brought from Rangeeli Mahal (where Shri Gurudev had stayed) and within the hall, all the Preachers, which He has trained, sang verses from the Vedas honoring Guru.

This was an amazing scene. Afterwhich, all Sadhaks performed aarti for Hari Guru and then His Abhishek. Without His love and grace, and His inspiration, nothing would be possible.

All of us at Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat honor our Shri Gurudev today as we prepare for the opening of Kirti Mandir.