Live A Balanced Life

Published: Apr 13, 2021

Save time in the same way as you save money.  Do not misuse the precious moments of human life.  Make good use of it.  And any misuse, if it does occur, should be minimum.  At least spare as much time for the soul as you do for the body.  Let’s divide your time 50-50.  If you get six hours of sleep, you are left with 18 hours.  Devote 9 hours to the body; 9 to the soul.  9 hours?  What are you saying?  If I spare even one hour for God, it is His grace.  His grace?  Why ask for His grace, when it is your grace that is needed?  After all, you place so much importance on your body.  You have enough so that even if you retire today, you will have two square meals a day for the rest of your life.  Why are you earning more money?  What answer will you give to God? If you have any money left over after fulfilling your basic needs, donate it.  Do not keep it with you.  It’s very dangerous.  And do not waste so much time in earning this money.  Set limits for yourself. Do not worry that you will be criticized by all. People criticize you already.

Besides saving time for God, it’s also very important to stay away from bad company.  You may earn only 10 dollars, but don’t spend any.  Ten dollars daily will amount to 300 a month and 3,600 in a year.  But if you earn 10 dollars and spend 11, you will be one dollar in debt daily, 365 dollars in annual debt.  So, stay away from harmful association from objects and people.  No matter how closely related he is to you, you tolerated him up until now.  You sat and gossiped with him.  But now you have found out that he takes no interest in Godly subject; he keeps talking unnecessarily; sometimes he talks politics, sometimes he criticizes others.  Decide not to associate with him. Respect him from a distacn But he will raise objections and he will talk a lot of nonsense.  Let him.  He will talk once; what else will he do?  He may say, “So, you are a great saint now.”  “Yes, I am.  All right?  Now, leave.”  You see, they all criticize you behind your back.  What if they criticize you in front of you!  What is the difference?  They all talk about you anyhow.  If you are good, you will be criticized by the bad ones, and if you are bad, then the good ones will criticize you.  Since one party is going to criticize you anyhow, why not do good so that you may have a good future?

The most damaging thing to the mind is to hear the criticism of God, His names, His forms, His qualities, His pastimes, His abodes, and most important of all, His pure devotees. Hearing God and Godly saints being criticized? You may think - Let me listen; what can happen? No, do not enter that dangerous zone. Do not use your limited intelligence in the area of God. Do not use your material logic and arguments to understand anything about God. Do not ask questions. If you must question and use logic, then ask yourself this question, “Why is it that in spite of being abused daily by Maya, I am not becoming detached from this world?” Ask this question.  And it is obvious that we are not in love with God due to our attachment to the world. It is only when the mind becomes detached from the material world that it will get attached to God.