Winter Retreat Blog

Published: Feb 12, 2020

Yugal Kunj celebrated its yearly winter family retreat with much anticipation and enthusiasm. Devotees from all over enjoyed the daily activities led by Sushri Siddheshvari Didiji. The week had three different schedules for teens, kids and adults focusing on different aspects for each age group. Mornings for adults started early with peaceful chantings of Radha and Krishna. Everyone wore their Raadhey Shyami, followed the discipline and enjoyed the blissful experience. Learning about the divine philosophy from daily lectures by Maharajji and Didiji deepened our sadhana while daily Nagar Sankeertan with various yoga exercises kept us energized all day.

Whilst remembering Radha and Krishna, all age groups participated in daily seva from cleaning to organizing and serving food. Afternoons were filled with different playful activities that included Jeopardy, Karaoke etc. Even the prasad served everyday was of different regions of the world. Some days we were in Mexico, other days in India. We also enjoyed eating on a banana leaf!

Thanks to the various volunteers of Yugal Kunj, a day to trip to Stone Mountain was much appreciated by many visiting from out of state. In the company of our Didiji, the hike was a peaceful walk with beautiful views of the greater Atlanta area.

The week also included a youth leadership conference where a few members of the community discussed various issues surrounding the youth today.

The nights were filled with different activities like Keertan by the Bonfire. The heat of the fire under the clear dark sky while chanting the names of Radha and Krishna created such beautiful memories. Some nights ended with lighter moments by Maharajji where he shared a few jokes for us to enjoy. Some naïve dancers even got a chance to learn to move at the Garba night. A cultural program organized by the Yugal Kunj youth volunteers showcased various hidden talents that included dancing, singing, playing different musical instruments. Many got an opportunity to participate and learn from each other.

The other big highpoints of the week included the Parvathi Shiv Vivah where everyone got a chance to dress up and participate in this divine event where Shiv married Parvathi. Various members of community enjoyed the beautiful marriage and experienced the bliss. New Year’s eve being the last day of the retreat included the Hare Ram Sankeertan for twelve hours. It started at noon and went on till the midnight. The Hare Ram chanting was sung in different tunes from Maharajji’s keertans. Everyone from kids to elders participated in this nonstop sankeertan and welcomed the new year with blessings of Radha and Krishna.

Yugal Kunj winter family retreat gave everyone not only an opportunity to do sadhana, but to also learn from each other while making long lasting friendships.