Three paths to our final destination

Published: Jul 01, 2021

Scriptures tell us of 3 paths leading to our final destination: God. 

Paths of Karm, Gyan and Bhakti. To determine the validity of a path, we must examine whether it fulfills 5 conditions. 

1. Anvaya-It must lead us to our ultimate goal. 

2. Vyatirek-The goal cannot be reached without walking on this path. 

3. Anyanirapekshata-The path must not need help from another path. 

4. Saarvatrakita-The path must be available for one and all.
5. Sanatanattva-The path must be eternal and everlasting. 

A thorough examination of the three paths reveals that Karm and Gyan are dependent on Bhakti and that by themselves they cannot lead one to the ultimate goal. 

Karm leads to Svarglok and Gyan leads to Atmagyan (knowledge of the self). These 2 paths come to an end and are not eternal  by any means.