Consider Switching Seats

Published: Jul 18, 2021

All planes are flown by a two-person crew consisting of a captain, known as the pilot, and a first officer, known as the copilot. Both are fully qualified to fly the plane, and usually do so in alternating turns. If a crew is going from New York to Chicago to Seattle, the captain will fly the first leg and the copilot will fly the second. Regardless of who is flying the plane, the captain has the ultimate authority and command over the flight.


We all go through the journey of life with a two person crew: we ourselves, and God who is constantly by our side. However, we consider ourselves to be the pilot of our lives. We believe that we have the ultimate authority in terms of our efforts, our interactions, our behaviors and the results of our actions. We acknowledge God and His grace but do not consider him to be in charge. We ask Him to keep an eye on us while we fly the plane. We want Him to come to our rescue and save the day when we lose an engine or if a wing falls off but when things are back in control, we want to take over again. We have relegated God to be our co-pilot.


Learn to relinquish the control of the plane. This requires faith and a great deal of perseverance. However, with each small step that you take towards Him, you will be rewarded with strengthened faith which will allow you to continue the journey.


Consider switching seats.