What Love Means

Published: Mar 23, 2022

Everyone in the world wants to be loved.  We spend an entire life chasing after love. 

The inner need for love is one which will never go away.  It is how we go about giving it or seeking it that often leaves us disappointed and disillusioned.  We become confused between 'love' and 'expressions of love'.  Most of the time, we express love by doing something for our near and dear ones. This leads us to incorrectly believe that the grander the expression, the greater the love. 

To love means to do something for someone without having any expectations.  By expecting something in return, we defile love by turning it into a business transaction.  Looking closely at all our relationships in the world, we find mere selfishness. 

Before we can love or be loved, we need to understand what 'love' means.