Think in Circles

Published: May 24, 2022

Our mind tends to think in linear terms. We think about a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our life starts with birth. We go through childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age and old age and then death. This sequence can abruptly come to an end any time after birth, but still there is a sequence.  There is a beginning and an end. But not always!

When we think about our true 'self', i.e. the soul, we need to think in circles rather than a linear fashion. When we think about a circle, we do not think about a beginning, a middle, or an end. When you look at a line, you can identify where it begins, where the middle is, and where the end is. Not so with the circle. The circle does not start at any one point, nor does it have an end. 

The soul is very different from the body.  It is free from the limitations of birth and death.  It is free from the limitations of age, color. gender, height, and width. Divine by nature, the soul is similar to God due to being eternal and conscious.  God is unlimited consciousness, whereas the soul is limited consciousness.  God pervades each particle of countless universes, whereas the soul pervades one body at one time. 

If you wish to attain freedom from the cycle of birth and death and rebirth, you must start thinking in circles.