A letter from God

Published: Jun 30, 2023

My Dear,

When you woke up this morning, I was standing right next to your bed. I thought you would take some time to talk with Me then.  But you just quickly drank a cup of coffee and got ready for work, and didn't even bother to look at Me. 

Still, I was optimistic. I thought we might have some time together after your shower.  But you got caught up in deciding which clothes you were going to wear today.  

After that, when you were eating your breakfast and walking around getting your things together, I was hoping to get some of your attention. But that didn't happen either. 

Then, when you sat in your car to go to work, I assumed that would be a great time for you to talk to me.  Instead, you started making phone calls. And I just stood there. I wanted to tell you to spend part of your day with Me so you could see how simply and easily you could finish all your chores and to do's, But you didn't bother talking to Me. 

There was even that time when you were completely idle and just lounging in your chair for a full 15 minutes...but even then you just didn't think of Me. 

At your lunch break, when you were looking around while eating, I hoped you would take a moment to remember Me...but to no avail. 

Still, there was time before the day ended.  I thought at some point an opportunity would come up for us to chat.  But after you got home from work, you got busy with your household stuff.  Then, you turned on the TV, and watched it for 3 hours. 

Then late tonight, you were exhausted and went to bed.  You tucked yourself under the sheets and fell asleep. I was so eager and enthusiastic about being a part of your day.  Getting to spend time with you.  Listening to you.  Talking to you so I shed some light on your path and help you understand why you came into this world, and how wrapped up you have become in frivolous worldly stuff.   But you had no time, and I had to painfully restrain my temptation to speak to you. 

I love you so much.  Every passing day, I am earnestly longing to hear from you.  But you only come to Me in times of need. You bring me a long list of demands, and then you're gone in a flash.  It's amusing, in a way.  You don't care enough to look at Me because your mind is so busy with worldly people...while I, on the other hand, just keep waiting for you. 

Well, I guess that's okay.  It's possible that you will think of Me one day.  I have waited an eternity and will continue to wait for you. 

Love always,