Shri Kripaluji Maharaj

Gurukul classes are currently being offered in Milwaukee during the academic school year to open young minds to spirituality and the richness of Hinduism in a very fun-filled and loving atmosphere. The children are exposed to basic Hindu ethical and moral concepts from our ancient scriptures that will not only help them to be proud of their heritage but also start to develop their character. Click here to download the flyer and share it with your family and friends.


W173 N9170 St Francis Dr. Suite 12
Menomonee Falls WI, 53051
Phone: (414) 491-5199
Email: Deepti Kriplani
Time: Sundays, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm (CT)

Gurukul Classes

The following three classes are being offered this year as part of the Gurukul program.

  • Spiritual Alphabet (4-7 years): Children will learn important stories from our scriptures about one moral quality that we should incorporate in our lives as well as about one Saint for each letter of the alphabet. The story telling will be complemented with hands-on fun activities that will help with the retention of the material.
  • Ramayan (8-12 years): Children will learn about the story of Ram in depth. By the end of the academic year, students will not only be familiar with the various leelas of Shri Ram but would have learned important lessons from each of these leelas. Age-appropriate in-class discussions will spark interesting conversations.
  • Wisdom of Kabeer (13-18 years):Teenagers will learn about the wisdom that is contained in the various couplets revealed by Saint Kabeer. The meaning of these couplets will be explained in the contemporary context so that the students can incorporate the teachings in their lives.
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Tentative Schedule

Date Gurukul Class
Sept 10, 2023 Regular Class
Sept 17, 2023 Regular Class
Sept 24, 2023 Regular Class
Oct 1 2023 Regular Class
Oct 8, 2023 Regular Class
Oct 15, 2023 Fall Break - No class
Oct 22, 2023 Common Class - Dussehra Celebrations
Oct 29, 2023 Regular Class
Nov 5, 2023 Regular Class
Nov 12, 2023 Common Class - Divali Celebrations
Nov 19, 2023 Regular Class
Nov 26, 2023 Thanksgiving Break - No class
Dec 3, 2023 Regular Class
Dec 10, 2023 Regular Class
Dec 17, 2023 Last day of Fall Semester. Common Class.
Dec 24, 2023 Christmas Break - No class
Dec 31, 2023 Christmas Break - No class
Jan 7, 2024 Regular Class
Jan 14, 2024 Regular Class
Jan 21, 2024 Regular Class
Jan 28, 2024 Regular Class
Feb 4, 2024 Regular Class
Feb 11, 2024 School Holiday - No class
Feb 18, 2024 Regular Class
Feb 25, 2024 Regular Class
Mar 3 , 2024 Regular Class
Mar 10, 2024 Common Class - Shivratri Celebrations
Mar 17, 2024 Spring Break - No class
Mar 24, 2024 Spring Break - No class
Mar 31, 2024 Common Class - Holi Celebrations
Apr 7, 2024 Regular Class
Apr 14, 2024 Regular Class
Apr 21, 2024 Common Class - Ram Navami Celebrations
Apr 28, 2024 Regular Class
May 5, 2024 Regular Class
May 12, 2024 Last day of Spring Semester. Common Class