Shri Kripaluji Maharaj

Atlanta Gurukul


Gurukul classes are currently being offered at Yugal Kunj (located in Duluth, Georgia) during the academic school year to open young minds to spirituality and the richness of Hinduism in a very fun-filled and loving atmosphere. The children are exposed to basic Hindu ethical and moral concepts from our ancient scriptures that will not only help them to be proud of their heritage but also start to develop their character.

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2769 Duluth Hwy, Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 678-920-6669
Time (Fall Semester, Virtual Classes): Sundays, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Academic Year 2020-2021

Children classes are being offerred at the following three levels.

  • Level 1: This includes children who are 4-7 years old in the current academic year. They will be in the "Baal Ramayan" class where they will learn important stories from the Ramayan. The story telling will be complemented with hands-on activities that will help with the retention of the material while having fun.
  • Level 2: This includes children who are in the age group of 8-12 years in the current academic year. They will be in the "Hindu Values (A - Z)" class where they will be taught about a character quality beginning with a letter in the alphabet (e.g. Ambition, Belief, Compassion, etc.) and about an individual that exemplifies that quality. They will also learn about the life story of a saint (e.g. Ashtavakra, Bhrigu, Chaintanya Mahaprabhu, etc.) Classroom discussions and hands-on activities will keep them engaged.
  • Level 3: This includes children who will be 13 – 18 years old during the current academic year. These children will be learning about our "Itihaas." The children will learn about various characters from the Ramayan and Mahabharat and analyze the choices they made and the consequences of those choices. The children are expected to know the story of Ramayan and Mahabharat as we will not be covering the chronological story in this class. The spiritual philosophy will be discussed and analyzed in the context of today's modern life and the challenges that teenagers face in school and at home, especially growing up in the West.

There are about 35 classes in the entire academic year. Gurukul tuition is $220 for each child for the entire academic year.

The first 3 classes are free for students. This allows new families to explore the curriculum without having to make the commitment. If a student chooses to continue past Week 3, they are obligated to pay the tuition to continue.

Parents are invited to join the children each week.

Tentative Spring 2021 Schedule

Date Comments
Jan 10, 2021 First Day of Gurukul - Spring Semester
Jan 17, 2021 Regular Class
Jan 24, 2021 Regular Class
Jan 31, 2021 Regular Class
Feb 7, 2021 Regular Class
Feb 14, 2021 No Gurukul class
Feb 21, 2021 Regular Class
Feb 28, 2021 Regular Class
Mar 7, 2021 Regular Class
March 14, 2021 Regular Class
Mar 21, 2021 Regular Class
Mar 28, 2021 No class. Holi Celebrations.
Apr 4, 2021 No class. Spring Break.
Apr 11, 2021 Regular Class
Apr 18, 2021 Regular Class
Apr 25, 2021 Regular Class
May 9, 2021 Last Day of Spring Semester

Tentative Fall 2020 Schedule

Date Comments
Aug 23, 2020 First Day of Gurukul
Aug 30, 2020 Regular Class
Sept 6, 2020 No class. Labor Day
Sept 13, 2020 Regular Class
Sept 20, 2020 Regular Class
Sept 27, 2020 Regular Class
Oct 4, 2020 Regular Class
Oct 11, 2020 Regular Class
Oct 18, 2020 Regular Class
Oct 25, 2020 No class. Dusshehra Celebrations.
Nov 1, 2020 Regular Class
Nov 8, 2020 Regular Class
Nov 15, 2020 No class. Divali Celebrations.
Nov 22, 2020 Regular Class
Nov 29, 2020 No class. Thanksgiving break
Dec 6, 2020 Regular Class
Dec 13, 2020 Regular Class
Dec 20, 2020 Last Day of Fall Semester
Dec 27, 2020 No class. Christmas Break