Siddheshvari Devi Ji

Testimonials from Devotees

"Being at Yugal Kunj is like being in Gokul and Ayodhya. Always pleased to be in this temple, which gives us glimpse of how Shree Krishna & Shree Ram must have looked during their time on earth – live 6 feet tall, talking to us!"

Akshaya Bhatt, McDonough, GA

"We are all delighted to have darshan of Radha Krishna Temple-The House of Lords is Blissful."

Indra Soni, Birmingham, Alabama

"Yugal Kunj has taught me how to love God and Guru with clean heart, not just material wants."

Preeti Rajyaguru

"Yugal Kunj has brought profound effects of spirituality, art, music, and many cultural aspects in my two kids within a short span of time. Without Didi Ji and Yugal Kunj we could not have done it ourselves. Thank You!"

Devang & Dipali Naik

"(Translated from Gujrati) Jai Shri Krishna from my entire family. We are very happy taking God’s darshan in this temple. I feel as if I am beholding Shri Krishna Bhagvan in His divine abode. Today I am extremely happy."

Truptiben & Bhupeshbhai Patel, visiting from India.

"For any Indian parent in USA, the biggest challenge is inculcating the right values and morals in their children. It is our great fortune to be associated with Yugal Kunj. We feel blessed to be a part of Yuga Kunj family. For us, it’s a home away from home, and I’m sure it is the case with others too. Spiritually uplifting and a great environment for kids and adults. Our daughter asks me more questions on Ramayan & Mahabharat rather than Frozen or Disney Princesses! Thank you."

Mayuri & Sachin Bhusari

"As a youth volunteer Yugal Kunj has offered me a way to give back to my community, do seva for God, and learn how to love God. Every week the one thing I look forward to is coming here and staying in this peaceful environment where everyone is welcome and treated as family. I look forward to more events and volunteer opportunities here in the future."

Komal Gandhi

"Yugal Kunj has introduced my family to spirituality and made my kids understand meaning of God. Keep up the good work."

Ketan Vakharia

"Yugal Kunj has brought me close to God and Guru!"

Vaishali Bhagat, Duluth, GA

"Every Sunday is just a magical experience with my family at Yugal Kunj. Thank you for making Sundays special!"

K. Masand, Alpharetta

"This place is very inspirational. An excellent environment to build devotion, feel part of the community, and meet great people."

Govind Bhat, Roswell

"We look forward to being at Yugal Kunj every Sunday……… a divine experience that gets us closer to Radha-Krishna. Fortunate to have Yugal Kunj here!!"

Mudit Kumar, Suwanee

"My three girls attended summer camp and they loved it. They look forward to coming here. My 10-year-old daughter takes harmonium class and all three girls started Gurukul classes. They are loving it so far. I personally love volunteering here. It has a beautiful temple. We love this place and encourage others to join too."


"Yugal Kunj is one of the best Hindu temples I have been to. I like the emphasis put on the younger generation. I appreciate more of the children’s involvement in the temple. I wish I had a temple like this when I was growing up in Atlanta. Radhey Radhey."

Nitika Pathak

"Yugal Kunj and Didi Ji are precious blessings for us. Yugal Kunj is a beautiful spiritual place with amazing people. There is a wonderful sense of community here. The joy and connection my kids and I feel here is beyond words."

Sonia Madan

"Namaskar. Entering Yugal Kunj immediately reminded me of Vrindavan. Divine idols of Bhagvan, love of devotees, cleanliness of the temple, and divine atmosphere! I could sense the vibrations of Gurudev, and remembered Him."

Vinod Patel Singer - Rajkot

"Yugal Kunj helps me learn about God and Roopdhyan. Keertan makes my mind attached to Radha and Krishna."

Vidhi, 8

"Yugal Kunj has brought my entire family together. The temple offers variety of programs and activities that are enjoyed by my kids, in-laws, siblings, parents and cousins. While my inlaws help in the kitchen, I sit in Sadhana Hall enhancing my meditation, and kids attend Gurukul / Harmony Youth Center classes, or play in the wonderful playground. Atmosphere is lively, prasad is delicious, premises are extremely clean, and temple has a friendly vibration that attracts everyone. In summary, I have found my Golok Dham. Jai Shree Radhey."

Raj & Dhruti Rajyaguru & Family

"I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to you and the volunteer team of Yugal Kunj for a welcoming and peaceful environment at the Family Retreat. Yugal Kunj is a magnificent oasis for new spiritual seekers and a piece of Mangarh for Shri Maharaj Ji's devotees. I can say this because I felt sad leaving and the keertans kept echoing in my head for days after I left just like I always felt leaving Mangarh. I had heard a lot about the place from those who had visited but one can only experience the true beauty by being there. I enjoyed and benefited from everything, but the highlights were the early morning sadhna, waking up little Krishna, and ending the day by enjoying lighter moments with Shri Maharaj Ji. And how can I not mention the delicious meals:) The creativity, efforts, investment, wisdom and hard work is truly commendable. Looking forward to my next visit. "

Rani, Toronto, Canada

"I have been watching your You tube videos for some time now. I would just like to thank you for the all the heartfelt seva that you do .Your love and compassion come shining through in all that you do! I most enjoy your clarity in teaching about Guru and just about everything else. I hope to have the honor one day to meet you in person. I love and honor you, and even if we never meet, I will always know you in my heart! "


"Thank you so much for taking time and replying to my email so lovingly. There are so many things in the spiritual world that we, at least I, cannot understand. I have felt that the more you get into it, the more you feel you do not know. It seems to be limitless.

I am a subscriber of your “Words of Wisdom”, and appreciate your work from the heart. When I find some words which touch my heart, I forward them to my children, and near and dear ones.
I thank you again."

Rajinder Singh Koura, Chandigarh, India

"Me and my family would like to Thank You for giving us a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Hareram Sankeerthan, we are speechless after attending the 12 hours nonstop Hareram Sankeerthan, it was so much electrifying that we could feel the chanting in our body till know. This was the first time in our life we ever sat at one place for so many hours. Didi Ji we just want to let you know that before the sankeerthan we saw you as a guru or a sanyasi with wealth of knowledge. But after attending the sankeerthan we feel that God has specially chosen you to do this work, only god chosen people like you can make a difference in so many people’s life. Thank you Didi Ji for blessing us with your teachings."

Sridharan’s Family, Atlanta, GA

"With great humility and reverence, I wish to share with you my feelings of elation and satisfaction which I experienced when listening to CDs, containing Didi Ji’s recently delivered discourses. As a serious student of Vedanta, the ageless philosophy of life, espoused in our ancient scriptures, it was natural for me to be drawn to Didi Ji’s discourses which deal with the same issues raised in our ancient writings. Constrained by myriad commitments and obligations, it was not possible for me to attend all of Didi Ji’s lectures in person. Fortunately, most of her lectures are available on CDs.

Didi Ji is a gifted and effective speaker and always captures the attention of her audience. However, listening to her recent CDs, I was struck by the quantum jump in clarity, focus, and sharpness of expression as displayed in these CDs compared with her earlier CDs which, by the way, were endearing in their own right.
I retired from WSU after 35 years during which time U taught graduate courses and also did administrative duties as the Dean of the College. Self-evaluation and evaluation in general come instinctively to me. If I were to rate her as a teacher and religious preacher, she is a truly a superb teacher. Her ability to tackle complex issues of life and happiness are remarkable. I bow to her humbly and respectfully."

Rishi Kumar, Ohio

"Radhey Radhey Didi Ji! The winter family retreat in Indian Springs State Park was an amazing experience me and my family really loved the spiritual experience. My husband came to drop us and he was so mesmerized that he ended up staying. As a family we have started doing daily prayers and bhajans taught by you. Thank you Didi Ji for bringing down Hinduism and Vedic scriptures to our level and making it a fun learning, it is a true blessing to have you in our life, you have brightened our life. You are the best teacher in the whole world."

Sridharan’s Family, Atlanta, GA

"There are no words to express my gartitude and joy over this visit of yours to Texas. The days went by so fast that I wish some how I could capture them and and relive them again and again. The warmth of your love and care and the depth of your knowledge will remain in my heart forever.

The love that you showered on my kids brings tears in my eyes. They are so fortunate to never have to look for love anywhere else in their lives again."

Bindiya Bahl, Dallas, TX

"I attended the Thanksgiving Retreat at Radha Madhav Dham in Austin this weekend, and I throughly enjoyed didi's lectures. She is brilliant with appropriate vocabulary and mind boggling anecdotes from the scriptures to help us understand maya, attachment, sadhana, and spirituality just to name a few concepts. Thank you for the spiritual grace."

Kalpana M. Iyengar, San Antonio, TX

"I wanted to compliment you on how patient you were with me and all the other children (at the youth camp). I loved all your stories that you told us. And when we were celebrating every festival, we also learned a lot about it. I also felt very good attending the camp. It was great to meet a Sanyasi who has been practicing and teaching about God for many years. I learned many valuable lessons from you. Overall, I will use everything you have told me."

Rohan Agrawal, Milwaukee, WI

"To make an attempt to say anything in appreciation of Didi Ji will be a futile exercise as the words will always fall short. Didi Ji's explanation about the divine ecstasy which the saints experience was brilliant."

Rajesh Anand, Singapore

"I've had the privilege of listening to a lecture by Didi Ji in Trinidad and was amazed by the clarity and sincerity of her voice as well as the calm and soothing atmosphere created there. I'm not really a religious person, but I'd like to believe that I'm a spiritual seeker trying to strike a balance between the material trappings of this illusory world and the inward journey into self knowledge and experience. I have learnt a great deal over the past few years from various Spiritual Organizations such as the Chinmaya Mission, the Divine Life Society, the Sai Movement as well as ISKCON. I humbly wish to commend the tremendous service done by the Radha Madhav Society throughout the world and I appreciate the information and kind courtesies extended via your website."

Aneil Ramkissoon, Trinidad

"The youth camp 2009 with Siddheshvari Didi Ji of Radha Madhav Society was a life transforming experience for our family. We brought our two children of ages 5 and 7 to the camp. I feel really blessed that we decided to take them there. The camp far exceeded our expectations. These two little minds had numerous opportunities to experience the richness of Hinduism and the Indian culture in only 7 days. They have become our motivation to provide such environment even at home."

Richa Sinha, USA

"We at Shiv Mandir are so fortunate to hear you explain the different topics from our Hindu religion. Your explanations of why God comes to us as Avatar, importance of faith, how to love God, and about Maya and Yogmaya, were very enlightening. Your deep knowledge of our scriptures, along with sweet keertans made it easier for us to understand the lectures. Since you spoke in English, your talks attracted the younger generation also. If is necessary for them and they listened attentively. We at Shiv Mandir appreciate your coming here and enlightening us."

Sudhakar J. Mody, President of Shiv Mandir, Atlanta