Kripalu Trayodashi

Shri Maaharaji

In these thirteen verses Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj has disclosed the essence of all Vedic scriptures in a sequence which reveals how to attain the ultimate aim of life.

  1. Brahm (God), Jeev (individual soul), and Maya are three eternal entities; all without a beginning and an end.
  2. God and individual soul are conscious entities. Because the soul is an energy of God, it is called a fraction of God.
  3. Maya is an inert energy of God. Neither the individual soul nor Maya is independent; God rules over both.
  4. Amongst the innumerable powers of God, the most intimate is para shakti, which governs all other powers of God.
  5. God is all-knowing and the source of divine bliss. The individual soul is ignorant and has been eternally controlled by Maya.
  6. There are innumerable forms of God. Shri Krishna is the source and origin of all these forms.
  7. The divine happiness desired by the individual soul can be attained only from Shri Krishna.
  8. It is only through the grace of Shri Krishna that one can attain Shri Krishna.
  9. Devotion is the only means of receiving the grace of Shri Krishna.
  10. While practicing devotion, the mind must be absorbed in loving thoughts of Shri Krishna constantly, selflessly and exclusively.
  11. Through devotional practice, the mind will become completely purified. Then Svaroop Shakti will render the mind divine.
  12. In the divine mind the benevolent guru will then pour divine love, which is the essence of Hladini Shakti, the bliss-imparting energy of God.
  13. It is only after attaining divine love that the individual soul receives its inherent right to serve Shri Krishna for eternity.

- Jagadguru Kripalu