A thirsty animal crossing the desert detects water in the distance and excitedly rushes towards it only to find out that it was a mirage.  We too rush towards the mall, movie, casino, party and the restaurant for happiness.  In the end we find that it was only a mirage and that we have received only temporary pleasures.  After some time we are back to square one, searching for happiness all over again.
There is a gross misconception that rules our mind, which is that we can find true happiness in people, places and objects.  No doubt there is a semblance of happiness in the world, but it is only a mirage.  The same thing which makes you happy at times makes you miserable at times also.  The same person who is a source of happiness at times becomes a source of unhappiness.

If there were happiness in the material world, everyone would have received it all the time from everyone, everything and in every place.  You experience happiness in your own son, but not in your neighbor's child. If there were happiness in children, every child in the world would have been a source of happiness to everyone in the world.  If money were the source of happiness, the wealthiest people would be truly happy.

Let today be the day when we decide that happiness is not out there somewhere, but right inside of us.


Didi Ji