Under the pretext of devotion, many people simply ask God to grant wishes and favors.  As the head bows before God, the mind gets busy asking for worldly properties such as health, wealth, name, fame and fortune.  The candle on the altar has not yet been lit, but material desires in the heart are burning brightly.
You may think that if we do not ask we will not receive.  This may be true for the world, but not for God.  The all-knowing God knows what you need before you have become aware of it.  Moreover, He knows what to give you and what not to give.  A small child may want to play with a beautifully decorated bottle, but the mother hides it away.  The child cries and cries but the mother is adamant because she knows the bottle to be full of poison.
If you still wish to ask for things, ask Him to make you a selfless devotee.  Pray to Him to keep you engaged in His loving service.  Serve God and Godly saints with full abandon.  
Devotion to God is a clean cloth which becomes soiled with desire for the world.  As long as we keep asking God for favors, we cannot hope to become true devotees.  No matter what we have, it is never going to be enough.  Moreover, we will thank God for providing for us, but will find fault with Him if we don't get what we want.
How sad it is that we should ask the King of kings for pennies.


Didi Ji