After installing Sugreev as the King of the kingdom named Kishkindha, Lord Ram and Lakshman camped on the hills outside the kingdom. The rainy season had set in and it was getting difficult to continue the journey to find Mother Seeta. They decided to wait out the season camping in the mountains. During this time, Shri Ram would give discourses to his younger brother, Lakshman, on devotion. Many of the examples that Shri Ram gave to Lakshman were taken from Nature. Some of these lessons are as follows:
Just as mountains endure the heavy downpour, a Saint tolerates the comments and behavior of a non-believer.
Just as water coming from various directions gathers into a pool, virtues find their way into a devotional heart.
Just as the water of a stream becomes still once it merges into the ocean, so does the individual soul find eternal bliss on attaining God.
Just as it becomes dark during the day because of rain clouds, the light of wisdom can be very easily obscured by wrong association.
Just as fish are very happy in deep water, so a devotee is very happy once he takes refuge in God.
Just as the small rivulets rush with great speed towards the river, so does the soul that does not love God feel elated even with a small worldly fortune.
Just as the water becomes muddy the moment it descends on earth, the soul is enveloped in Maya as soon as it is born.


Didi Ji