We tend to blame others for our problems. It may be the spouse, children, boss, employee, in-laws, parents, weather, etc. We rarely acknowledge that the jam we are in could be due to our shortcoming or actions. On a very rare occasion when we may believe something to be our fault, we do not have the courage to acknowledge our fault in front of others for fear of appearing weak. 

Ramayan teaches us otherwise. It teaches us to openly acknowledge our faults in front of others; especially in front of the Almighty. When Vibheeshan was banished from Lanka by his older brother Ravan he went to Shri Ram in despair. There he did not blame his older brother for his situation even though he had every right to. All he did was to talk about his faults. He gave the following introduction to Shri Ram:   
1.      I am Your enemy Ravan's brother. You have every right to mistrust me.
2.      Having taken birth in a family of demons, I have a natural affinity for sins.
3.      I have never performed any good action in my life.
4.      I have come to you with full faith that you grace everyone who takes refuge in You.

The great Saint Kabir has also said in one of his beautiful couplets, "When I went looking for a sinner, I could not find any. It was only when I searched in my own heart that I found the biggest sinner."

Devotion teaches us to stop blaming someone else for our situations and circumstances. It teaches us to focus on ourselves, adjust our attitude, and work on making ourselves worthy of God! 


Didi Ji