I meet many people in my daily life. In one of my recent conversations with a psychiatrist, I came to know that he treats children as young as five for depression. This was an eye opener. Children that young! 

It also turns out that he treats many adolescents who are struggling with body image issues. Young people, who are going through the natural process of puberty and struggling with normal issues of acne and facial hair, are especially hard on themselves.  Looking at the heavily made up models and movie stars whose publicity photos are airbrushed to perfection, young girls hold themselves up to impossible standards of beauty.  Not only this, they are completely unaware of what truly constitutes beauty.  Furthermore, they are not learning about how our Creator defines beauty. 

It is our duty to teach our children what being beautiful really means. This is what Ramayan says:
Ears that do not hear the glory of God are mere snake holes. 
Eyes that do not behold the Divine sight of Saints are like the artificial eyes on peacock plumes.
The head that does not bow to God and Guru is like a bitter gourd.
The one whose heart has no devotion for God, is dead though he seems to be living.
The tongue that does not glorify God is like a tongue of a frog that utters only croaking sounds.
A person who does not experience joy upon hearing God's pastimes has a heart made of stone.
The fool who only devotes his mind to the pleasures of the senses after attaining human birth is like a person who takes poison in exchange for nectar.
God loves and graces the one with a pure heart.
A beautiful person is one who treads the path of righteousness.
Be truly beautiful.


Didi Ji