In Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Geeta, Shri Krishna describes 26 qualities possessed by saintly people. Cultivating these qualities by practicing sadhna is important for all devotees for it helps in making spiritual progress. This is the second message in this series:
4. Dum (Control of senses) - We have been eternal slaves of our senses. Consequently, we have always given in to short-term gratification instead of the long-term goal of God-realization. As we practice devotion, sacrificing the desire pleasures for the higher goal becomes easier. 
5. Yagya (Rituals) - Performance of ritual duties and social obligations is a necessity for most people living in the world. It is important that the performance of these rituals not only include the physical body but also the mind which must meditate on God.
6. Svadhyaya (Knowledge gained through self-study) - It is very important that we gain theoretical knowledge. Armed with a strong theoretical foundation, practical devotion becomes easier.
7. Tap (Austerity) - Devotion teaches us to willingly accept a simple life of prayer and personal austerity. Seva and discipline become important.


Didi Ji