In Chapter 16 of Bhagavad Geeta, Shri Krishna describes 26 qualities possessed by saintly people. Cultivating these qualities by practicing sadhana is important for all devotees who wish to make spiritual progress. This is the sixth and the final message in the series.
21. Tejah (Vigor): As God becomes more and more important in a devotee's life, the devotee also becomes more confident. The tasks that the devotee undertakes are performed as devotional service; hence there is an inherent drive to do well. 
22. Kshama (Forgiveness): The tolerance level of a devotee increases as his love for God increases. The need to retaliate minimizes. The time period for which he is angry with others reduces, and he becomes more at peace with himself.
23. Dhritih (Determination): Devotees don't quit. A person who has faith that God is with him all the time has no reason to do so. A devotee pursues his goals with strength and determination even when the odds are against him.
24. Shaucham (Cleanliness): A devotee is particular about living in a clean and pure environment. He surrounds himself with simple things; which reduces clutter not only externally but also internally.
25. Adrodhah (Enmity towards none): This quality goes hand in hand with forgiveness. A devotee tries his best to see God in everyone and hence works diligently to neither love nor hate anyone.
26. Natimanita (Without pride): A devotee is careful about not letting pride enter his heart. He tries to spend his energy not in self advertisement but in helping others and in expressing gratitude towards God. 


Didi Ji