Just as a traveler on the highway looks for milestones as he advances towards his destination, so a spiritual seeker looks for marks of progress on the path he is traversing. These marks of progress tell the aspirant that he is headed in the right direction. 
How do you measure your success on the path of spirituality? Many aspirants mistakenly look for dreams and signs. They ask, "I saw a snake on the steps outside my house on Shivratri. What is the significance of this?" Or, "What does it mean if I see the color blue in my meditation?" 
Spiritual progress is not measured in terms of dreams, visions or signs, but in what you achieve as a result of your continued effort and an abundance of grace showered by God. 
You know you are progressing when you start changing from within. You will not only accept whatever life brings you; you will rejoice in all situations and circumstances. At all times you will feel an inward joy, a joy that nothing and no one can ever take away from you. You will not feel angry even when there is a reason to be angry. You will not become greedy even when there is a reason to be greedy. In the face of adversity you will be as strong as a rock. You will treat both praise and criticism alike. You will not fall apart even when it seems that there is nothing to hold on to. 
When you walk on the path of devotion, you will begin to see your own faults as clearly as daylight. Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj says, "The fact that you perceive the faults of others is direct proof that you are faulty yourself." You will always work at making improvements within yourself rather than being possessed with the desire to correct others. 
Following spiritual discipline regularly is the key to success.


Didi Ji