Despite having access to a plethora of time-saving devices, we are busier than ever, and always complain about having no time.  The bane of the times we live in is that we are always running out of time.  Just as we are so short on time, so is everyone else.  This disappoints us because we want time from our loved ones and from our friends.  Others are disappointed because they want our time as well.
Try freeing yourself up a little bit.  Gift your precious time to your child, to your spouse, to your parents, to children in an orphanage, to lonely patients in the hospital, or to the elderly living in the nursing home.  No gift compares with the gift of time.
Take out time to listen to others.  Take out time to congratulate a friend or neighbor on their accomplishment.  Take the time to acknowledge and greet the cleaning lady in the airport or the cafeteria lady in your school.  It takes just a moment, and it doesn't cost a penny.  
Spend time teaching a child how to read, or to solve a math problem, or to tie shoelaces.  Your reward will be a heartwarming smile.  Spend time with a lonely person.  Your reward will be the satisfaction of having done something for someone.
Give the gift of time. 


Didi Ji