It's so easy and so wrong to see the world in black and white; to think that some are innately good while others are bad to the bone.  Reality is that good and bad qualities coexist within everyone.  We can choose to see an individual as being primarily good or basically bad.  We make a conscious decision to see some people; generally our loved ones in a positive light while painting others as a homewrecker, a worthless fellow or a selfish woman.
We like to generalize, such as claiming that the eldest in the family is always responsible, whereas the youngest is always spoiled.  There is no truth in the generalization that all blondes are airheads while all brunettes are sensible.  If all Asians are good in math and science, then I must not be an Asian.  It is wrong to generalize that all rich people are greedy and all poor people are greedy.
Everyone in your family and in your circle of friends and acquaintances has virtuous qualities such as determination, commitment, compassion, humility and patience.  It may take a little or lot of time to become aware of these qualities.  Keep in mind that many people are like coconut; a hard exterior but soft interior.
To discover the goodness in a person, you will need to ignore the stereotypes, misconceptions and generalizations and get to the core of that person. 


Didi Ji