There is so much wonder in your life.  The body God has given you is fascinating.  So many parts, big and small, are all working in harmony.  Without any conscious effort, you are breathing oxygen.  Your hair and nails are growing.  Your eyelids are blinking without you doing anything.  Out of seven billion humans, not a single person has the same fingerprints as you.  And your mind is even more fascinating.  Your thoughts are uniquely your own.  With your mind, you can visit all the countries on all the continents without ever leaving the house.  You can even go to the moon and beyond, whenever you wish.
Marvel at the universe you are living in.  It is endless, with countless galaxies comprising of infinite suns, moons and planets.  There are suns whose light takes billions of years to reach the earth.  Billions of years!!!  Look at the planet earth.  Give God a standing ovation for creating such fascinating places on our planet.  
The fact that there is a formless soul within your body, enabling the body parts to do their work, is nothing short of a miracle.  Think of it!  Something which cannot be seen; something which is a divine spark of God, is giving consciousness to the entire body.  
Spare a few minutes to appreciate the endless wonderful phenomena surrounding you.


Didi Ji