Trees give cool breeze, shade and sweet fruits without asking for anything in return.  Rivers give water to everyone without discrimination.  Earth gives food though we step on it, dig into it and subject it to great hardships.  The sun gives light and life-providing energy to one and all.  
The biggest giver is God who never tires of giving.  Everything we have is a selfless gift from Him.  He is an inexhaustible giver.  So generous is God that though we ignore Him, yet He continues to give without expecting even gratitude in return.  Being part and parcel of God who is infinitely generous, we too are in love with generosity.  It's our inherent nature to give.  
What can you give?  Give what is needed, and give from your heart.  When you see someone down in the dumps, the best thing to give is a shoulder to cry on.  When you see someone frowning, give him a smile.  If you see someone struggling to get back on her feet, give her a hand.  Give forgiveness to the repentant and a pat on the back to the one making an effort.  Give your company to those who are lonely and give encouragement to those who have lost all hope.  Give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, and compassion to everyone you meet.
The gift of time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.  Spend time tutoring a struggling student.  Become a mentor and offer to teach someone a skill that will help her get ahead in her profession.  
While giving, do not think that you are giving anything at all.  To give is your privilege.


Didi Ji