How would you feel if a guest wreaked havoc during his visit to your house? What would you think if he threw garbage all over and ignored all your rules? Suppose that at meal time he took other people's share of food and then proceeded to throw much of it in the garbage! Undoubtedly you would make a mental note never to invite him again. 
Most people, however, do not behave badly when they visit others. When we go visiting we don't leave behind our garbage. We respect the house rules, such as leaving shoes outside and not putting our feet on the table. We certainly do not scratch the furniture, nor do we put a dent in the host's car as we arrive or leave. When visiting others, our attempt is to be mindful of others' property. 
The planet earth is the property of God, and we are visitors here.  Some stay only a short time, while others enjoy a long visit.  While visiting we use up many of earth's resources, which is natural.   We need to breathe air, drink water, burn fire and eat food. At the same time we must be very cautious about not using more than our share.  Never must we abuse the bounty of our gracious host, God.  Let us use but never abuse the resources that have been given to us most lovingly.  Being unruly guests here is damaging not only to the property but also to the guests. 
Let us be wise and respect the rules of the house.


Didi Ji