We often do the right thing, such as being honest, patient and generous.  The moral compass within us points us in the right direction time and time again.  We desire to do the right thing, but often for the wrong reason.  Sometimes we do good in order to look good in the eyes of others; sometimes we do good in order to earn praise; sometimes we behave well so that we may advance our self-interest.
If no one is looking, we may pocket the $100 note we have found on the ground.  If we are under scrutiny, we are likely to turn the money in.  If the person is in front of us, we say nice things about him.  If he is out of sight, we find fault with him.  When others are looking, we put a donation in the box.  If no one is looking, we see no need to part with our money.
Even when it comes to physical improvement, we tend to be more motivated by reactions of others than anything else.  Many young ladies lose weight before their wedding; not for themselves but in order to look good before others.  An overweight man tries to lose weight and gain muscle not for the sake of his own health but to attract attention at the beach.
If we can be patient and understanding to the customer or to the patient, for the sake of keeping the job, we can surely be patient and understanding for the sake of pleasing God or just to improve ourselves.
We put in hard work in doing the right thing, so why do it for the wrong reason?  Let's be good and do good for the right reason.


Didi Ji