The gap between generations can be filled only through communication.  Both age groups need to better understand one another.  The younger generation should keep in mind that one day they will become old, while the older ones should remember that they were once young.  
Advice for older generation
Put your prejudices away and engage children in conversation.  Better yet, ask them to teach you how to send emails and how to put your phone in silent mode. Then watch them excitedly share what they know better than you.  Talk about what interests them, and gradually become friends with them.  You will gain from their youthful exuberance. You have got your challenges; they have got theirs.  Make them feel valuable.  Give them gifts of peace, understanding and appreciation.  Do not succumb to generalities; younger ones are not all rude and narcissistic.  
Advice for younger generation
You have much to learn from the older generation.  Be patient and listen to them.  You can gain valuable information free of charge.  You have a lot of devices, but it would be interesting to ask your grandparents what life was like before cellphone. If they don't know how to download files on the computer, you also do not know how to crochet a sweater or sew your own clothes. You have slain dragons in your video game. They have fought wars.
Think about it: Could you benefit from taking advice from people who have years and year of life experience?  The answer is, yes.  


Didi Ji