Nature is a wise teacher; silently inspiring anyone who is willing to be observant.  Artists learn how to combine colors better by looking at how green trees look against blue skies, and how the different colors of flowers interplay with one another.  Textile designers have long copied patterns from the stunningly beautiful and intricate pattern on the plumage of the peacock.  Chances are that your bedsheets and curtains are designed with the paisley design, which you may have recognized as the depiction of a mango.

Nature motifs are abundant in architecture as well.  The ancient Greeks and Romans incorporated natural motifs into design such as the tree-inspired columns.  Throughout the world you will find edifices mimicking the shapes of flowers and fruits. Biomimetic architecture is a contemporary philosophy of architecture that seeks solutions for sustainability in nature by trying to understand the rules governing natural forms.
We learn from Nature that we must be patient and follow our life-purpose, like a river determinedly flowing toward the ocean.  By looking at birds flying in a formation that never crash into one another, we learn how to work as a team without stepping on others. 
Nature also teaches that the bad does not last forever.  Hurricanes pass.  Fogs lift.  Dark clouds disappear, and the sun shines once again.

Be inspired by Nature.  Do not take it for granted.


Didi Ji