I have landed in my birth place, and my heart is flooding with emotions.  After many hours of flight, I have reached the country of my beginnings; the country of my parents, grandparents and ancestors.  This is the hallowed land of sages and seers.  My first memories are from here.  This is the place where my spiritual journey began and it is where I return time and time again to pay homage.
India is a delightful land full of extraordinary diversity.  Here you can find ancient ruins and a five-star hotel right next to it.  In a very short period of time you can go from a village where people are filling buckets of water from a well, to a modern city with busy roads and honking of countless horns.  
What I love about India is the peace within the hearts of its people.  The man living with his family in a mud house exudes an enviable contentment.  His wife is cooking a meal on the earthen stove, and there are no worry lines on her forehead.  Their children do not have fancy footwear, or even proper bat and ball, but they are very happy playing a game of cricket.
I think of my own childhood and the sweet memories connected to it.  I think about the neighborhood temple which became a catalyst for my spiritual journey.  It was the first of many temples I would fall in love with, both in India and abroad.
India has nurtured me physically and spiritually.  I have lived in and loved other countries, but no other country moves me to tears like this one.
Hail to Mother India! 


Didi Ji