Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and as children of God, we are fond of cleanliness.  Not everyone likes to clean, but everyone - even the messiest person - likes clean surroundings.  Our environment has a direct impact on our thoughts and emotions.  A littered room can confuse and agitate the mind greatly.  In contrast, an uncluttered desk or room helps in accomplishing tasks efficiently.  Even a dog sweeps the ground with its tail before sitting down.  
Being clean requires that you not only keep your house and objects clean, but that you get rid of all that is unused, spoiled, cracked, or broken.  If you have such things around, you will attract negative energy.  This energy will hinder your progress and weigh you down.  
Keep your body clean also.  It is not sufficient to take a daily shower and brush your teeth twice a day.  Keep the body clean of intoxicants and illegal substances.  Remember that even if the government has deemed it legal, yet it is illegal in the eyes of the spiritual lawmaker if it causes damage to body and mind.
Finally, keep your mind clean.  Fill it with kind and compassionate thoughts. Nourish it with spiritual knowledge.  Take out the trash of envious, angry, lustful and greedy thoughts.  Bathe the mind with loving devotion every day. 
Clean up your act!


Didi Ji