To appreciate what you have, you must understand the nature of desire. While the body gets older and older, worldly desire in the mind continues to get younger and younger. Desire leads us to believe that once it is fulfilled, all happiness will come our way. Indeed; fleeting happiness is experienced once we get what we want. However, many more desires soon come knocking at the mind's door, demanding to be fulfilled. Fulfilling a desire is like scratching an itch. You do experience temporary relief, but the relief soon turns into a burning sensation. 
We do not ever seem to have enough. Our possessions seem small and trivial in comparison to the property of others. The fact is that if you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, and food to eat, you are richer than most people in the world. No matter how small and ordinary your house may be; no matter how much debt you may be in; no matter how rough life may be for you, there are millions whose life is much tougher than your own.
If your mind tells you that what you have is not enough, make it a point to visit an orphanage, a hospital, or a shelter. Soon, everything is put into perspective, and you realize that what you have is a lot more than most people in the world.
Appreciate what you have.


Didi Ji