The most successful men and women in the world surround themselves with intelligent advisors. No one can be an expert in every single area, and for this reason, experts from various fields are necessary to impart good advice and provide essential feedback. 
In ancient times kings and emperors relied heavily on advisors. In the modern context, prime ministers and presidents of nations would not be able to guide their country effectively without seeking advice from knowledgeable people. There is not a single CEO of a company who does not rely on regular advice. Everyone needs counsel from time to time.   
Advisors can be extremely helpful or harmful. Therefore, they need to be selected with extreme care. Beware of the 'yes man.' He will say 'yes' to all that you say. You need advisors who are not afraid to say, "I don't agree with you on this; here is my suggestion." Make sure your advisor does not have a hidden agenda. He must have your welfare on his mind. This is why parents usually serve as the best advisors for a child. 
Your advisors must stand on the same moral stance as you in order to serve your best interest. If truth is dear to you, do not seek counsel from an admitted liar. If you are a recovering alcoholic, you should not seek advice from someone who says, "Go ahead; one little drink won't kill you." 
It is a wise individual who listens to intelligent advisors and seeks their counsel.


Didi Ji