Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.
To err is human. Everyone makes mistakes. The mistake can be forgiven, but pretending it didn't happen or not learning from it is unforgivable. Once you have made a mistake, look back at it and use it as an opportunity to learn. Our failures and mistakes teach us valuable lessons, which are called experiences later in life.
Mistakes are often made due to not having sufficient knowledge or information. Mistakes can also be the outcome of carelessness and lack of training. Since there are reasons behind our mistakes, it follows that we can avoid them by working on those reasons and removing them.
Some people never admit their mistake to anyone. Some do not admit it even to themselves. To learn from your shortcomings, go over them in your mind. How did you come to the point where you made such a mistake? Be very genuine to yourself. Did you make the mistake once, or has it become a repeated behavior? Do not write yourself off as a failure. Merely feeling guilty is counterproductive. Work sincerely on rectifying the wrong actions or behavior.
If your mistake has harmed a person, you owe a heartfelt and sincere apology to that individual.   If it has made you feel depressed and despondent, tell yourself again and again that the mistake is an opportunity to improve yourself.   


Didi Ji