The world is full of critics.  If you are the quiet type, you are likely to be labeled a fool.  If you like to talk, you may earn the reputation of being a 'motor mouth.'  If you are confident, you may be called arrogant.  If you are a gentle person, people may call you a 'wimp.'  If you are direct, people may call you rude.  If you are polite, people may say that you are unsure of yourself.  If you take initiative people may call you bossy.  If you let others take the lead, you are 'lacking a backbone.' 

Dealing with critics is sometimes disheartening.  At times you feel you can never do anything right.  However, you can regard criticism to be constructive and improve yourself greatly.  The one who finds fault with you is more beneficial to you than the one who flatters you.  
Saint Tulsidas goes to the extent of saying, "Put up a shack in your backyard for the one who finds faults with you."  Why?  First of all, the critic is beneficial in that he makes us aware of our mistakes; something we are not accustomed to doing ourselves.  We cannot improve unless and until we become aware of improvements we need to make.  It is only when we understand our shortcomings that we can work on eliminating them.  
Secondly, the critic is helpful to you in that he does not allow your pride to increase.  When someone flatters you constantly, you will certainly develop more pride.  This is why saintly souls have said, "Regard criticism as nectar and words of praise as poison."
The world is full of critics.  Thank God!  


Didi Ji