Life experiences teach us that there is more joy in giving and helping than there is in receiving.  The satisfaction that we derive from offering assistance is extremely gratifying.  Ultimately, both the helper and the one who receives help end up being the winners.  
Everyone reading these words knows how good we feel when someone does something even small for us.  When a working mother comes home after a tiring day to find the dinner already started, she feels the fatigue melting away.  When the grandson comes for a visit and does chores around the house without being asked, the grandparents feel choked up.  When a friend unexpectedly emails a few words of appreciation, you feel rejuvenated.  By taking out the time to patiently explain geometry or rules of grammar to a student, an adult in fact lends tremendous support to that child.
The help we give to others does not have to be big help, although if and when possible, you should go ahead and do something big.  Failing that, even a small thoughtful gesture can lift spirits to great heights.  Think of what kind of help the other person needs.  It may be a tangible gift, and if it is, do not just give out something you know that the receiver will never use.  Many people give out the salad bowls and glass sets that they have received from others, which they will never use themselves.  Give what the other person needs, not what you need to get rid of.
If we make it a point to help people every single day, all our days will be bright and cheerful.  In helping others, we forget our own problems and feel extremely enriched. 


Didi Ji