I knew nothing about you,
but you were sitting inside, working, working.
Putting thoughts in my head I was not capable of thinking.
What will become of me when I die; will I no more be?
Try as I did to satisfy the soul with what the world brings,
you refused me permission to indulge in friends and things.
You forced me to reflect, "Where is joy that is pure?
Where is happiness that lasts forever more?"
I said, "Go away," you said, "I am here to stay."
When I faced the greatest perils, I cried out to you,
not sure who you were, or where you could be found.
You heard my anguish and
filled my heart with peace, happiness, love unbound.
Never will I forget the time
when you ruled my mind, moving me like a puppet on a string.
Under the debt of your countless mercies I promise, as the sky is blue,
that I will dedicate my remaining breaths to you, only you.


Didi Ji