Make God your first priority rather than the last resort. What better way to do this than to start the day with prayer! And do not confuse prayer with begging God for trinkets such as health, wealth, children, spouse, name and fame. Communicate lovingly with God. Speak to Him as you would speak to a loved one. After all, He is your eternal Lord, Master, Friend, Child and Beloved. Speak to Him with a longing in your heart.
A shepherd was addressing God, "My sweet Lord! I wonder where you live, and what you do all day long. Perhaps you are a shepherd like me. And if you are, then I know how exhausted you must be by the end of the day. Your feet must be aching; allow me to press them. You must be hungry; I have gathered some berries for you to eat. Your sandals must be torn; I shall mend them for you. Why do you play hide and seek? Reveal yourself to me." 
Similarly, there was an acrobat who earned a living by performing in the streets.  One day he saw people in a catholic church asking Mother Mary for favors. He thought, "They are asking because she must give them what they want. I too shall ask her. But first I shall please her by my performance." He went into hiding and waited for everyone to leave the church. After everyone left, he came out of his hiding place. Bolting the door from inside he started giving Mother Mary a private performance. The priests outside heard the commotion. They broke open the doors and saw the acrobat jumping up and down. 'How dare you defile the church in this manner,' they shouted. They were about to beat the man when suddenly the church became bathed in light and Mother Mary spoke. You people are all hypocrites. You think me to be just a statue. But this acrobat is a dear child of mine who looks upon me as being real. Everyone fainted and the acrobat attained divinity.
Pray to God with the simplicity of the shepherd and the faith of the acrobat.


Didi Ji