The Olympics wow us. They inspire. They encourage. They set our imagination on fire. They present possibilities we did not know existed. They get our heart racing, fists pumping and tears flowing.
Excellence in any form delights us. Be it a thrilling tabla solo, a mesmerizing piano recital, a refreshing rain shower, an exquisitely shaped flower, a perfect sunset, or a perfect spin on ice, we are thrilled to see it, hear it and experience it.
Throw yourself a challenge. Choose an aspect of your own life or personality in which you wish to excel. Then prepare to become an Olympian. An Olympian starts out with a strong desire to excel. You must also develop a yearning desire for excellence. That desire must not wane and wax. It must be consistently strong. So strong that you can almost taste it! If you have it, everything in life will revolve around it. It will become your passion. Setbacks will inspire you even more to excel. They will never stop you from pursuing your goal.
Any Olympian will tell you that the key to excellence is in daily grueling practice. Practice every day. Become aware of your weakness. Work so much on improving yourself that your most debilitating weakness turns into your biggest strength.
Your coach will be your intellect. The cheerleading team will be your willpower. You do not need accolades from the world. Your aim is not to become the Champion of the World, but the master of your own mind.
Then, you are a true Olympian.


Didi Ji