We all know or hear about successful children, men and women in our neighborhood, community and the world. Seeing their success we think, "How lucky this person is!" Instead, we should be thinking, "How diligently she must have worked to get where she is today!" I read somewhere, "The harder I work, the luckier I get." We secretly desire the success of others but lack the desire to work hard. If someone is standing at the top of the stairs and you are at the bottom, you cannot reach his level in one single jump. No; you must climb step by step. If you truly desire success you must work diligently and persevere in your efforts.
Reading about acclaimed singers, athletes, politicians, industrialists, poets, writers, saints and reformists we note they share one common trait: they follow their goal with a burning passion.
Next time you see the skater being honored with the gold medal, envision a little girl practicing at 5 a.m. every day of the week including Saturday and Sunday. Behind the man being recognized for his amazing discovery, there is a man who failed hundreds of times but burned the midnight oil night after night.
When you see success, try to look at the hard work behind it.


Didi Ji