A disciple asked his Guru, "Revered Master! Why have I not attained God yet? Why does my mind not take delight in thinking of God?" The Guru replied, "You say that you have a desire for God, but these are mere words. Anyhow, if you are serious, then listen carefully. Your problem is that you are not humble. You hide your own faults and dwell on the faults of others. The cure for your disease is to disclose your own faults and ignore those of others." The disciple agreed, "When I think of telling others about my faults, I worry about what opinion they will have of me. Revered Guru, I shall disclose my faults only to you, but please do not reveal them to others." Guru Ji said, "There is no need to tell me; I know them already. Tell the world. And do not look at the faults of others."
We desire respect from others; we want others to lavish praise on us. Even aspirants fight with one another. He said this to me; she said that to me. We are full of countless faults; every moment we commit offense, and yet we are not able to tolerate insult. We are not willing to hear the truth. Why can we not think of the fault-finder as our well-wisher? Why are we so critical of others; even those who have dedicated their lives to God?
The respect we desire from others, should be given to everyone without exception. Knowing that God dwells within every creature, we must have a heartfelt respect for one and all. An aspirant should continually strive to make progress on the spiritual journey, and realize that progress is hindered when we stop and look at the imaginary faults of others.


Didi Ji