Today I am sharing with you some powerful words from my divine master, Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj.
The difference between uttering the name of God without meditation, and uttering it while meditating lovingly on Him, is the same as the difference between a rubber balloon and an atom bomb.
Do not concern yourself with detaching your mind from the material world. Only try to attach your mind to God. Detachment from the world will follow automatically.
There is no happiness or unhappiness in the material world. The individual who expects happiness from the world receives only dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
A true servant does not desire anything from God. The only desire within him is to love and serve God selflessly.
Various practices of devotion - singing devotional songs, going on a pilgrimage, reciting from scriptures, bathing in holy waters - is like the body, whereas meditation on God is like the soul.
Just as wild dogs and vultures feast on a carcass (body without soul), likewise vices such as anger, greed, hatred, pride, envy and lust feast on the mind of the individual whose devotion is without meditation on God.


Didi Ji